Writ of Control (Used to be Writ of Fifa)

The Writ of Control is the High Court equivalent of the County Court's Warrant of Execution – although its powers are considerably greater. Transferring your judgment to the High Court, and thereby to the High Court Enforcement Officers can help you get the money you’re owed quicker.

Enforcement by way of a Writ of Control allows;

  • forced entry into commercial premises needs no prior warning
  • provides a command to take control of and sell debtor's goods and chattels to the value of the judgment debt, plus 8% per annum interest and costs
  • Can be relatively inexpensive if all sums are recovered from the debtor

If you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) for £600.00 (including costs) or over you can transfer it to the High Court for enforcement, resulting in the issuing of a sealed Writ of Control.

The life of a writ of execution (including writs of control, possession and delivery) is generally twelve months from the date of issue. An application to the courts can be made to extend the Writ.

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