Little Extras

Online Access

Online facilities are available to all our clients and are free of charge. Clients are able to monitor each individual case, see accruing interest and recoverable costs, what action we have taken, future important dates and any funds that have been recovered (direct or otherwise). Clients can load new instructions and provide us with instructions on existing cases in a 'real time' environment. Debtors can also access their own online area to make payments by either a debit or credit card and these will be processed within a few business hours of receipt. The foregoing, combined with monthly accounting and reporting, allow you to stay fully in control.

Discounted Fee for Debts Under £200

Following a review, it transpires clients were more inclined to write off smaller debts due to the cost to issue. 'Sessional debtors' aware of this practice tend to ignore letters of demand and have avoided, in some cases, significant debt as these amounts are written off. Chamberlain McBain is happy to challenge this practice, while at the same time offering a helping hand to our clients. All debts, where the sums to be recovered is under £200, will automatically have our own fee reduced by 30% - irrespective of recovery made.

VIP Invites

From time to time VIP invitations are sent out by Chamberlain McBain to selected businesses. The invitation allows the recipient to make use of a number of our services either free of charge or at a discounted rate. Should you wish to be considered for an invitation, please contact us. Your turnover must exceed £500,000.