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When Recovery Matters ...

Chamberlain McBain specialises in every aspect of debt recovery, whether it be in Scotland, England, Wales or further afield. With offices in Edinburgh and Manchester, we deal with the entire process from letter of demand through to sequestration/bankruptcy or liquidation. Our innovative system is unrivalled. We recognise that each client, and each separate debt, needs to be treated individually, so we tailor the process to offer our clients a route to debt recovery most suited to their requirements and budget.

Having Chamberlain McBain to assist with the recovery of unpaid invoices will help free up valuable resources, so clients don't have to waste precious time on this task. Chamberlain McBain work to recover debts fast and efficiently and at minimal cost to clients. Chamberlain McBain do not charge a percentage of the debt recovered, but only for the work actually done. Should settlement be received as a result of just one letter, then the client will only be charged for that letter.

Our free online facilities are available to all our clients. Clients are able to monitor their individual cases, see accruing interest and recoverable costs, what action we have taken, early court dates and any funds that have been recovered (direct or otherwise). Clients can upload new cases and provide us with instructions on existing matters in a 'real time' environment. Debtors can also access their own online area to make payments by either a debit or credit card and these will be processed within a few business hours of receipt. The foregoing, combined with monthly accounting and reporting, allows you to stay fully in control

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