Access to our debt recovery portal is relatively easy and allows active clients to review their cases at a time that suits them. To set up, you will need a Verification code from us, but thereafter, all you need is your client code (username) and a password.

With your login details, visit our website ( and click `Client Sign-in¡¯ from the menu. On entering the site, we will capture your IP address for security reasons and once confirming use of the site, you will be given access to a number of further options, in particular, ¡¯view cases¡¯ and 'Add a new Action'.

While instructions to us are in real time, the system is updated overnight .

Signin screen

Signin screen

Case Management

All your cases are stored here, both open and closed. For very old cases simply hit ¡®Show Old Cases¡¯ to repopulate the field.

Current or active cases are listed alphabetically for ease. To see a specific case, click the double arrow on the right.

Not all fields contain data. For example, if a court action has not been raised, no court details will show. Sums recovered and action undertaken are shown on this screen. The sums due relate only to undefended actions only, without enforcement action. These figures are for guidance only, so please get a current settlement figure from us.

You have the option (bottom right) to instruct us further and/or to advise of any payment received.

Case Management

New Instructions

A simple and easy way to send us instructions on new cases. Most sections of the form are relatively straight forward although, as always, we ask that you pay particular attention to the name of the debtor, ensuring the correct party is designated.

In terms of type (legal entity) - select the type of debtor from the drop down box - sole trader, limited company etc. If you are unsure, please speak to us first. Getting the name or legal entity wrong could be costly. The interest rate is the rate of interest as per your terms and conditions, if applicable, else we will use either the judicial rate or the rate under Late Payment of Commercial Debts Interest Act as you indicated earlier. Services rendered is usual a simple description such as ¡®supplied building goods or professional services¡¯, but the more detailed the better.

Lots of Invoices to enter and payment terms are month end? Then simply enter Jan 16 for the invoice number 31/01/2016 for the date and then the total amount. We will work out the interest from there.

Payments and credits to account are always applied to the old debt first, so an overall total is acceptable under ¡®add payment¡¯

Select what action you would like us to undertake on your behalf and then hit submit. You will be given an opportunity to amend/review your instructions. Hit submit again for the instructions to be sent through to us.

Case Management
Case Management